Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Klondike or Snow

Klondike or Snow at the WIld Arctic attraction in SeaWorld Orlando, Florida
Back in 1994, there were two little polar bear cubs born in captivity, but their mother refused to care for them. They were raised by hand at the Denver Zoo until they were about a year old. Then in 1995, they were sent to their new home here at the Wild Arctic attraction in SeaWorld. Their story was chronicled on PBS and in book form, as this was a very unique undertaking.
Now a days, these 13 year-olds enjoy long naps, swimming, and raw fish. Their environs are meant to look like the site of a old ship wreck that has become part of the cold hard landscape. They have a "sky" that replicates the lighting they would experience if they were in the arctic.
I have no idea if this is Klondike or Snow. I only know that they do seem to enjoy the spotlight!


sandrad7672 said...

my friend worked at a zoo and named her klondike heather zara...

beautiful specimen

Scott Johnson said...

That is very cool!

2-ton said...

Better late than never...I came across this blog because I'm looking for the vhs of this story...your blog has given me some good info to hunt down this old thanks for writing about the bears.

diann+mcc said...

I think that I may have this video somewhere.

I lived in Denver and was a member of Denver zoo. I was at one of my regular visits to the zoo with my small children the day after they were born. We saw the two tiny cubs in incubators. The zoo kept very quiet about the cubs, I think that they didn't want too much publicity early on and also I think that the cubs were not expected to survive.

We visited them regularly and watched them grow in Denver zoo and were there to say goodbye the day before they left to go to their new home at Seaworld in late 1996. A couple of weeks later my family left Denver too, to return to live in England.

My three children, now all in their mid-to- late teens still have memories of the bear cubs.