Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Klondike and Snow Revisited

Klondike or Snow lounging at SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando, Florida
I happened to check out who was visiting this blog yesterday, and found several searching for "Klondike and Snow". And after a quick Google search, I found out why. Sadly, I found that their father had passed away at the Denver Zoo.
I was not able to get over to SeaWorld today and get a new picture of them. This is a close-up version of the same one I previously posted. I will get a new picture very soon. They are one of my favorite stops at SeaWorld. Polar bears are such majestic creatures.
I know that there are several people who have a special connection to these guys. I had received an email from a lady who wanted me to know how happy she was to see that they seem content in their environs. And I also know that there are many who were saddened hearing their father had died. Still, it is good to know his legacy continues through them.


cocabixinhos said...

You have lots of fun there!

jenn said...

just to let you know that i was at the denver zoo last week and i had found out that ulu there mom had died 2 weeks ago .

jess said...

jenn, ulu died in 2000. It was in the denver papers and on the news but it wasn't in 2010 sorry.

jess said...

Sorry Jenn, but you are wrong. Ulu died before Olaf. If you read the link about their father on this page you would read that she died in 2000. I live in the Denver area and visit the zoo about 2nd a year since 1991. I was there when the cubs were born and watch them grow and i also visit sea world in 1995 right after they were moved. I am not sure where u fould ur info, but it is wrong.